Mercedes Vision EQXX Teased, Will Debut in 2022

Mercedes teases new electric car Vision EQXX and is likely to be rolled out in 2022. Let’s take a look and find out what we know so far.

Mercedes Vision EQXX

Mercedes had announced the Mercedes Vision EQXX, the new electric model for the brand, almost a year ago. The unveiling of the new electric car is anticipated in 2022. Mercedes has been secretive about the final design and specifications of the prototype vehicle. From the monochrome image revealed, it appears the front of the Vision EQXX has similarities with the aggressive styling scheme found in AMG versions.

The German carmaker has hinted that the Vision EQXX could be presented today during the “Strategy Update”. Although nothing is confirmed, it is known that this will be an event focused on electric vehicles. The German giant’s most recent offering, the Vision EQXX features slim headlamps that are connected by a thin illuminated strip. The EV concept also features a wide lower entrance and a vented hood with the Mercedes logo at the top.

The design also features a curvy body-type with bulky fenders. If a person looks close enough, one can notice a sloping roofline with distinctive taillights. For Mercedes, this new model is an “exciting step in the development of electric vehicles”. The Mercedes Vision EQXX was developed with the help of the High-Performance Powertrain Group which focuses primarily on the development of powertrain and technology for Formula One.

This means that the performance from the EV is bound to be brisk with officials suggesting the car could have a range of about 1,207 kms on a single charge. Electric vehicles seem to be getting extremely popular and the Vision EQXX seems to be really impressive and hyped up, however, it remains to be seen what the German carmaker has actually achieved with this state-of-the-art EV.

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