MoRTH Introduces BH Series of Registration Plates

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New registration marks for vehicles – Bharat Series (BH-series) – have been introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH). The new registration marks are geared toward providing relief to motorists moving across Indian states. This new series of vehicle registrations across India was proposed by MoRTH a few months ago. If an owner shifts from one state to another after registering the vehicle with the BH mark, the vehicle will need no new registration.

Format and availability

The MoRTH notification stated that this facility would be available on a voluntary basis to defence personnel and public sector entities of the National and State governments, as well as private sector corporations that have offices in a minimum of four states/Union Territories (UT). Numbers and alphabets will be included in the format of the Bharat series, as well as the year of registration and the BH code.

Road Tax

Road tax will be billed every two years or multiples of two years under the new BH Series. In its notification, MoRTH states that after the 14th year, motor vehicle tax or road tax will be imposed annually for each vehicle. It is estimated that the amount will be half of the initial amount. The law will enable the free movement of vehicles within states and UTs after moving.

Moving a car to a new state currently

As of today, a vehicle owner is not allowed to keep their vehicle in another state for more than 12 months; they must register their vehicle with their new state. To do so, the driver must obtain a letter of authorization from the parent state. After the road tax has been paid on a pro-rata basis in the new state, the vehicle must also receive a new registration mark. After this, you must apply for the refund of your parent state’s road tax on a pro-rata basis. It is currently rather complex, to say the least.

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