Nissan Magnite Gets Another Price Hike in Just Six Months

Nissan Magnite Price in India

  • Following its launch in the Indian market in December 2020, Nissan India has announced its second price hike for its Magnite SUV. This comes after the lift in prices that came about in April 2021.
  • Magnite does not offer any updates in features or otherwise, save for the price hike.
  • The differences in prices for all the various models of Magnite range from Rs 6,000 to Rs 17,000.

The least price changes are seen in Magnite’s XV and XV DT non-turbo variants with Rs 6,000. Meanwhile XV Premium, XV Premium DT, Turbo XV models have gone up to Rs 17,000.

The Premium (O) trim, which comes with connected car tech, along with the Turbo CVT’s XV Premium, XV Premium DT and XV Premium (O) DT, has been increased by Rs 15,000.

Magnite Models New Price Increment from Old Price


Rs 5.71 lakh Rs 12,000


Rs 6.47 lakh Rs 15,000


Rs 7.05 lakh Rs 6,000


Rs 7.21 lakh Rs 6,000
XV Premium


Rs 7.85 lakh Rs 17,000
XV Premium DT


Rs 8.01 lakh Rs 17,000
Turbo XL


Rs 7.62 lakh Rs 13,000
Turbo XV


Rs 8.20 lakh Rs 17,000
Turbo XV DT


Rs 8.36 lakh Rs 11,000
Turbo XV Premium


Rs 9 lakh Rs 11,000
Turbo XV Premium DT


Rs 9.16 lakh Rs 11,000
Turbo XV Premium (O)


Rs 9.10 lakh Rs 11,000
Turbo XV Premium (O) DT


Rs 9.26 lakh Rs 11,000


Rs 8.51 lakh Rs 12,000


Rs 9.09 lakh Rs 10,000


Rs 9.25 lakh Rs 10,000
CVT XV Premium


Rs 9.89 lakh Rs 15,000
CVT XV Premium DT


Rs 10.05 lakh Rs 15,000
CVT XV Premium (O)


Rs 9.09 lakh Rs 15,000
CVT XV Premium (O) DT


Rs 10.15 lakh Rs 15,000


It should be noted that since the compact SUV went on sale in India, there has been a whopping 65,000 bookings. Nissan registered a 261% jump from last year’s record with domestic sales of 2816 units in September 2021.

The Magnite series has been a markedly successful venture for the Japanese carmaker this year.

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