October 2021 Sales of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Increase by 44%


Tata Motors, the popular Indian carmaker has witnessed a 44 percent increase in passenger vehicle sales in October 2021, with 33,925 units sold compared to 23,617 units sold in the same time the previous year. The internal combustion engine category supplied 32,339 units, while the electric vehicle category contributed 1,586 units.

In October 2020, sales of passenger automobiles in both categories totalled 23,195 units and 422, respectively. In terms of percentage growth, the internal combustion engine passenger car market had a robust 39 percent increase in sales in October 2021, while the electric passenger vehicle segment saw a staggering 276 percent increase. Passenger automobiles have experienced a 32 percent increase in month-over-month sales.

The continually growing cost of gasoline, as well as the rapidly decreasing price gap between gasoline and diesel, has prompted more people to consider electric vehicles. With the debut of the Tigor EV in the Indian market, the business has lately increased its electric vehicle offering. In the passenger car market, the Nexon EV and Tigor EV are currently available, while the X-Press T is accessible for fleet clients. With the recent introduction of Tata Punch, the auto maker is expected to have a great November 2021 sales performance.

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