Ola Teases New Electric Hatchback Concept

Ola Teases Hatchback Concept

Ola entered the electric vehicle segment recently with its electric scooters. Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO Ola, tweeted a teaser of the company’s new design concept of an electric hatchback.

Tekne Private Ventures, Alpine Opportunity Fund, Edelweiss, and other major firms have invested a total of 200 million dollars in Ola, pushing the company’s value to 5 billion dollars. Ola launched its S1 and S1 Pro electric scooter last year that had raised funds from companies Falcon Edge, Softbank, etc. The electric scooter production and deliveries have begun in India now.

From the teaser images, it looks like the new vehicle will be an electric hatchback that has design similarities with the Nissan Leaf EV and the upcoming Tesla Model 3. The new EV is expected to be compact with five doors and lots of glass panelling in the cabin.

ola electric car

The hatchback built to suit the urban roads looks to be sporting a panoramic sunroof that runs from front to rear. The egg-shaped body includes the sunroof in its front as the windshield for the car as well. The front grille has an Ola badge beneath it; the sporty alloy wheels and minimalistic, clean lines on the profile give the upcoming electric hatchback a very futuristic look.

The images don’t show handles on the door either. It leaves us wondering about the tech incorporated for door opening as well as running this car. The car also has really sleek-looking LED taillights fitted in a strip.

Production is expected to be carried out from the Ola FutureFactory located at Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, which has been involved in making the electric scooters.

ola electric scooter

Ola has commented that their designers are currently working on the new hatchback’s design and the launch will be sometime in 2023.

Ola is also a victim of the chip shortage crisis and after falling behind on several deadlines, the company has shipped out just over 100 electric scooters last December even though bookings had been received in lakhs of units.

Image 1 & 2 Source: Rushlane.com

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