Prime Minister Modi Unveils Vehicle Scrappage Policy, Encourages Startups and Youth

PM Modi launches Vehicle Scrappage Policy: Here's why it is crucial

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the scrappage policy on Friday, noting that it was an important step in the country’s development. Young people and startups should participate in the programme, he said.

“I am encouraging our youth and start-ups to participate in Gujarat’s Investor Summit in setting up vehicle scrapping infrastructure,” PM Modi tweeted. In addition, scrapping will ensure that unfit and polluting vehicles reach a landfill in an environmentally responsible way.

As he explained, “Vehicle scrapping will help create a clean environment by getting rid of unfit, polluting cars, creating value for all stakeholders while still maintaining the safety of the environment.”

A vehicle scrapping policy aims to develop a sustainable eco-system for phasing old or inefficient vehicles in a safe environment. A registered vehicle scrapping facility will be built across the country along with Automated Testing Stations.

Union minister Nitin Gadkari noted that there are approximately one crore vehicles without valid safety certificates. Moreover, the policy does not take into account the age of the vehicles, but rather their fitness. According to the Prime Minister, scrapping will modernize our fleet of vehicles and ensure that old, polluting vehicles are disposed of scientifically. PM Modi said that the scrapping of vehicles was a way to create wealth from waste.

As a result of the policy, the vehicle population on city roads would be modernized, and India would be given a vehicle and automobile identity. The policy will help remove unfit vehicles on our roads in a scientific manner. Additionally, the Prime Minister said that the Centre is promoting a circular economy with an aim to improve sustainability and environmental protection.

Circular economies are characterized by durable, reusable, and recyclable products.

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