Range Rover Evoque 2021 – Key Highlights of the Luxury SUV You Need to Know

Let’s put some light on some of the important details about the Range Rover Evoque 2021.

Range Rover Evoque 2021

The Evoque has been around for quite sometime in the Indian market and has made a loyal customer base in these years. The older models had a lot of discrepancies and shortcomings but still managed to become popular, largely because of its design and driving capabilities. Land Rover has updated the Evoque drastically and it has overcome a lot of its discrepancies making it even more attractive. Let’s look at some of the important details about the Range Rover Evoque 2021.

Exterior Design

The older versions of the Evoque had a striking design which attracted the youth. It had a bold and rugged look with a macho appeal to it. The Range Rover Evoque 2021 has been tweaked on the exterior and now looks a lot more mature and portrays a sense of plushness and luxury. The design has become refined with sharp headlights and taillights with a futuristic appeal to it. It also resembles the Range Rover Velar and some people may call it the ‘Mini Velar’. The pop out door handles are a quirky touch which people will enjoy having in their car.

Interior Design

The same theme of luxury and plushness continues inside the interior as well. The interior looks and feels premium with a futuristic touch to it. The talking point is the new 10-inch infotainment screen known as the ‘Pivi Pro’. It has a new interface which is slick to use and gets all the bells and whistles you’d expect at this price point. An all new 12.3-inch driver interactive display has the functionality of full-screen 3D navigation with a Heads Up Display as well. It is a high-resolution display which houses all the relevant information you require.

In-Car Technology

The Range Rover Evoque 2021 is equipped with a Nanoe Air Purification System. Activating the PURIFY button, the specially designed filter captures fine particles from the outside air, such as PM2.5 and airborne allergens like dust and pollen. Another interesting feature is that, when you are inside the car, your phone will use the vehicle’s antenna for improved signal and clearer calls. These smart features make the new Evoque better and mature than its predecessors and will also give a tough competition to its rivals.


The new Evoque comes with two capable engine options. A 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine which produces 150 bhp and 430 nm of torque and a 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine which produces 184 bhp and 365 nm of torque. Both of these powertrain options are supremely capable and both motors are mated to a 9-speed automatic gearbox. These engines will never make the car feel underpowered out on the road with the turbo petrol having brisk performance and a refined drive. Overall, both of these engines are good and you can choose either based on your requirement.

Clear Sight Technology

Staying true to the modern appeal, the new Evoque is equipped with Clear Sight Technology. Starting off, with the Clear Sight Ground View technology, you can effectively see through the bonnet and display multiple exterior views, including vehicle’s underside and wheels as you drive. On the other hand, the Clear Sight Interior Rear View Mirror provides an unobstructed view of the road behind you, regardless of rear seat passengers or objects in the load space.

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