Rise in Electric Vehicle Registration in Delhi: Stark Rise in Fuel Prices

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Official figures show that from July to September, electric vehicles accounted for 7% of the total number of vehicles registered with the Delhi government’s transport department, while CNG vehicles accounted for 6%. Adoption of electric vehicles is picking up in Delhi, with the number of such vehicles surpassing the total number of registrations of CNG and hybrid-fuel vehicles in recent months, officials said on Sunday.

Records of Electric Vehicle Registration from July to September

  • Electric cars accounted for 7% of the total number of vehicles registered with the Delhi government’s transport department from July to September, while CNG vehicles accounted for 6%.
  • During that time, almost 1.5 lakh cars were registered, including 7,869 electric vehicles, 6,857 CNG vehicles, 7,257 vehicles that ran on both CNG and petrol, and 93,091 vehicles that ran on either petrol or diesel.

Statement of Transport Ministry

“Our electric car strategy is yielding positive results, and the adoption of such vehicles is accelerating. According to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s vision, we are determined to make Delhi the country’s electric car capital “Kailash Gahlot, Minister of Transport, said.

Rise in Registration Rate from August

Electric car registration began in Delhi, with the municipal administration announcing its electric vehicle programme in August 2020. Since then, the proportion of electric cars in total vehicle registrations has climbed from more than 1% to 7%.

The majority of battery-powered vehicles registered are electric rickshaws and two-wheelers, but the number of electric automobiles and buses is rapidly increasing, according to a senior transport department officer.

  • From August to October, approximately 23,000 electric vehicles were registered in Delhi, including 5,246 two-wheelers and 10,997 e-rickshaws, according to official numbers.
  • 422 electric automobiles and four electric buses were registered between July and September. During the August-October period, the number of electric vehicles increased to 1,415 and the number of buses increased to 30.

“In addition to focussing on the adoption of electric vehicles in a big way, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has also decided to promote e-autorickshaws and e-buses to replace polluting fuels to make Delhi a clean city”, Gahlot said.

As a result, the transportation department has opted to solely purchase electric buses for the time being. The department’s bidding for 450 CNG vehicles will be the last for this type of bus, he noted.

The government is now providing permits for 4,261 e-autorickshaws, with a 33% reserve for female candidates. According to the administration, about 12,000 applications for these licences have been received thus far.

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