Suzuki to Enter EV Market by 2025: Preps Begin to Launch First Electric Car in India

With the concept of environmental protection and sustainability gaining a high podium globally, all the automobile giants are turning towards the EV sector. To keep up with the trend, Suzuki Motor Corp is also planning to dive into the EV sector by 2025. According to the reports by Nikkei, Suzuki has already set the ball rolling for India which will be its first EV market. Followed by India, the EV will then be launched in other markets including Suzuki’s home turf Japan & Europe.

“We have been saying that we will enter EV and strong hybrid cars in India by 2025,” a Suzuki spokesperson said but added that the company has not announced any price or whether it will launch EVs in India first. It’s worth mentioning that there are strong speculations that the carmaker is planning to launch an all-electric compact vehicle in India for around 1.5 million yen ($ 13,626) after government subsidies are taken into account, reports said.

India is indisputably the biggest market for Suzuki variants compared to other car brands available here. The MVP of the sale is the compact car segment that includes Alto, WagonR, Baleno, and Swift. Suzuki has since its inception, strengthened its foothold in the Indian car market with its affordable, family-friendly, and economical products. The very first electric car too is expected to be a member of this segment.

Suzuki is a smart executer of its business strategies. The shift planned to venture into EV market was not a spontaneous one. Rather, it was a very calculated move on Suzuki’s part. It understands the factors that are limiting the growth and demand of EV which are – High prices and Range anxiety. To curb these factors, it has decided to launch an affordable, compact EV segment. The plan is genius!

Speculations about India’s launch were fueled earlier this month when a test mule of an electric Suzuki was spotted in India without any camouflage. The automaker has tested the Wagon R Electric Kei in the Japanese market during the development phase which was seen on the roads on multiple occasions.

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