Tata Motors Group Global Wholesales Increase by 24%


Tata Motors, along with Jaguar Land Rover, sees a total of 24 percent rise in global sales this year.

In a press release on October 11th, Tata Motors has released its wholesale growth rate in the second quarter of this year with 2,51,689 units being sold despite a general global decrease in sales in the automobile industry. It includes Jaguar Land Rover sales as well in this data.

This is a full 24 percent increase from the 2,02,873 units that were sold between July and September of last year.

Tata Motors’ commercial vehicles along with their Daewoo range have sold 89,055 vehicles in Q2 FY22, which is 57 percent higher than Q2 FY21.

Their report clearly shows that the Indian manufacturer’s growth and sales have not felt any setback from the COVID-19 waves as the other manufacturers and industries.

Tata Motors has sold 1,62,634 passenger vehicle units in the second quarter in FY22. It is a little over 10 percent rise compared to the same period last year. Even the Jaguar sales have gone up to a wholesale of 13,944 units and the Land Rover in separate have sold a total of 64,307 vehicles in this quarter alone.

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