The New Skoda Kamiq: Skoda’s Ace of Spades

Skoda first showcased Kamiq at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. With the Volkswagen Future Group handing over its reigns in India to Skoda, Kamiq has got really big shoes to fill. The car will share the limelight with its kin ‘The Volkswagen T-Cross’ in the country and will showcase the brand’s MBQ A0 Platform.

The Skoda Kamiq will be a debutant of the Group’s 2.0 business plan in India. This plan is essentially the localization of the MBQ A0 Platform that will facilitate the launch of highly localized products at competitive rates. Here the localization we are talking about isn’t 10% or 15%, but a whopping 95% localization is what Skoda aims for. The stunning model is placed below the Karoq premium SUV in the brand’s segment list and product portfolio. Here is everything you need to know about Skoda’s king of ace.

Powered by Clean, Green Technology

Information is that Skoda Kamiq will be powered by Petrol and Petrol/CNG powertrain options only, completely eradicating the Diesel trim option. The majority of the Volkswagen products based on the MBQ A0 platform in Europe are fitted with the TGI Engine, which is the CNG Avatar of 1.0-litre TSI Turbo-Petrol engine.

Volkswagen’s 1.0-litre TGI Engine is being completely localized for its inclusion in the Kamiq. It has a reputation of churning out 95bhp of power and a Max Torque of 160Nm. This powertrain is tuned with a six-speed manual transmission. The comparable petrol-run 1.0-litre TSI Specification has 2 available states of tunes – 92bhp with 175Nm of torque capacity and 112bhp with 200Nm torque. Both the trims are offered with Manual and DSG AT transmission.

The beautiful decision of Skoda to offer a CNG Hybrid powertrain option with its product in India is sure to receive appreciation. The CNG engine cuts CO2 emissions by about 25% and NOx emissions up to 75% effectively. Moreover, CNG is far more efficient than the diesel, petrol, and LPG powertrain options with 1 KG CNG yielding as much power as 1.5-litre Petrol, 2-litre LPG, and 1.3-litre Diesel.

Handsome, Emotive, and Powerful Design

Skoda Kamiq’s Feature-first Headlights

Skoda Kamiq is one Handsome car. Styled on the front with an off-road rugged car character in mind, Kamiq sports a wider radiator grille with double slits and pronounced lines on the front bonnet. A rustic and sporty appearance is highlighted by the 16-18 inches large alloy wheels, high ground clearance, and high roofline that lends a sturdy and dynamic touch to the vehicle.

On the rear, Kamiq flaunts the Skoda-typical ‘C-Shaped’ lights with a twist. It radiates power with a large diffuser that is highlighted by the high ground clearance and robust stance.

Quoting Oliver Stefani, the Head of Skoda Design – “With the Skoda Kamiq, we have rigorously advanced our successful SUV design language and come up with a car that is very powerful and emotive, despite its compact dimensions. The Kamiq is immediately recognizable as a member of the Skoda SUV family thanks to its large, upright radiator grille, the distinct lines on the bonnet, and the crystalline headlights. However, new highlights such as the daytime running lights above the headlights further reiterate an independent and unique identity.”

The Skoda Kamiq also shows off the brand’s first-ever Split LED headlights with DRLs. They give an illusion of four shining gemstones in their full-LED version. Their 3-D crystalline diamond-like additions lend a sophisticated touch to the car’s overall design. The full-LED version also flaunts fog lights and static cornering lights along with Skoda’s feature-first rear and front indicators. The front indicators flash outwards in a sweeping motion when turned ON.

Extensive Decorative Elements on the Inside

Skoda Kamiq Cabin Image

The Kamiq’s cabin is dominated by a large 9.2-inches free-standing touchscreen that is ideally positioned in the driver’s field of view. The large screen is the biggest-in-the-segment feature. A character line below the bonnet that also functions as a hand rest for operating the touchscreen is a smart design addition.

At 10.25-inches, the optional virtual cockpit is also the largest display in the segment. The revamped instrument panel is a testimonial to the emotive design character that the designers have tried to inculcate.

The large dashboard has a plethora of stunning, extensive decorative touch-ups that give a posh look to the cabin. The mellow lightening of the cabin with a mix of red, white and copper makes the interior look spacious and pleasant, and accentuated. The seats are comfy with an optional Suedia microfiber seat cover choice for the added comfort.

The cabin is filled with comfort features that are a notch-up above everyone else on the segment. Starting with the heated steering wheel and heated windscreen, the Kamiq also offers heated seats, mandatorily for the front two and as an option for the rear ones as well. These options however will not be of much interest in India because of its weather conditions.

About the Build

The new Skoda Kamiq is 4,241 mm in length and 1,793 mm in width and has a height of 1,531 mm. The wheelbase is at 2,651 mm. A delight for the rear passengers specifically who can enjoy 73 mm of kneeroom. The boot has 400-litres of space, which goes up to 1,395-litres when the rear seats are folded down.

Expected Launch date: September 2021

Major Rivals

The new Skoda Kamiq is expected to lock horns with the likes of the Hyundai Creta, Jeep Compass, Kia Seltos, and Nissan Kicks. It will also compete with its kin Volkswagen T-Cross for sales.

Price Tags

As mentioned before, the heavily localized Kamiq will be competitively priced and should have a price tag oscillating between 10-15 lakh rupees.

Skoda Kamiq Trims Approx. Price (ex-showroom, India)
Base Rs. 10 lakhs
Mid Rs. 12 lakhs
Top Rs. 15 lakhs


Stay tuned to for the latest updates about the Skoda Kamiq.

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