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Planning to buy a new car? Great choice! Now is probably one of the best times in the history of the Indian automotive market, to buy a car. Wondering why? Here are a few reasons:

  • The upcoming BS VI norms have created an inventory of cars that both dealers and manufacturers want to clear off. This means – buyers can expect best prices on these cars! {Insert a link to our BS VI blog}
  • There are more brands with greater choices of models available, at almost all price points.
  • Information for researching on cars has been heavily democratized – you can get all the information about a prospective car, even before you have set a foot into it.

That said and done, it is not easy to decide upon which car should you actually buy. You will be putting a significant amount of your net-worth in buying the car and will be using it for years to come; plus, it will be responsible for your and your family’s safety. It can get perplexing when you look at all the possible variables that go into deciding which car is appropriate for you.

Hence, Car Jasoos has put together a comprehensive guide to help you decide what car will work for you.

Phase I: Mapping your needs.

This is one of the most creative and pragmatic aspects. When you start looking at new cars with fresh paints, you can get blown away by the sheer magnificence of these mechanical beauties or even just the car images. Hence, it is cleverer to have in mind what are you looking for before you get awestruck by a new car.

Sit down with your family and start with making a list of all the features that you would be looking for in the car. Once you have a comprehensive list ready in front of you, rank the most important features in terms of priority. The top 5-10 features will largely help you narrow down your choices of car models on your list. Now, you are equipped to start the research process.

Phase II: Budgeting and finding all possible options.

Having a ballpark budget in mind is important. More often than not, potential car buyers exceed their budget to buy their dream car with all the desired features. On the flip side, some car buyers compromise on their needs to stay within the budget. Both of which are not necessarily satisfying scenarios.

Thus, use the features you have in mind with a ballpark budget to search for options. If you are highly conscious about the brand – put that aside for a moment and make an exhaustive list of options that would satisfy the needs, you have prioritized and help you stay within the budget.

Phase III: Focus on the key performance indicators.

A ‘key performance indicator’ is not a specific part in the car, but just a structured approach for you to rank and eliminate cars. Based on the ballpark price you have in mind, here are the key criterion you can focus on:

₹5 lakhs and under:

Usually, people who have budgeted under this range are looking for great mileage, good space, satisfactory performance, low maintenance costs and sturdy build quality along with standard safety features.

Between ₹5 lakhs and ₹10 lakhs:

As a matter of fact, this is one of the hottest segments in Indian automotive market. Sedans, sport hatchbacks, notchbacks, entry-level SUVs and even MPVs are available in this range. If this is the budget you have set for yourself, then you will be looking for something that provides great value for money along with a premium feel. Usually, people prioritize performance, mileage, durability, availability, customization options, resale value and luxury features like leg-room, noise cancellation and even inside entertainment, when looking at this budget range.

Above ₹10 lakhs:

In this segment you are actually looking for some combination of luxury features and nuanced requirements. Either you might be an SUV person, who wants something which provides solid performance, is rough and tough and is very comfortable. Or, you might be looking at a more executive-like sedan, that gives a very premium feel inside the cabin. Even without getting into the very high range luxury cars, you can get yourself a very comfortable car with great performance specs under ₹20 lakhs.

Phase IV: General guidelines.

Furthermore, here are some general guidelines that apply to all the car buyers in the market:

Financing Options:

Thinking to pay it all in cash? Think again. Buying a car on instalments give you the option to claim tax deductions every year and also lets you keep more cash in hand. Besides, there are several financing options available to car buyers, some of which also cover up good resale values in case you want to sell the car after a fixed time. Make sure you consider financing options.

No Claim Bonus Transfer:

Assuming you had an NCB in your previous car’s insurance, make sure you are filing the papers to transfer the NCB to your new car. By doing so, you will eventually bring down your cost of ownership in the form of lower car insurance premiums.

Verify Certifications:

This is often something only second hand car owners take into consideration, since they are more prone to getting duped by a car-seller. That said, there is no harm in conducting a thorough check of the car you are about to buy. You can look at the car reviews it has received globally with trade magazines and automotive experts as well as the certifications it has received by ARAI.

Connecting with an Existing Owner:

Although this might not be entirely required, it can give you some unique first-hand insights. Chances are, if you are buying a new car in India, you might find someone driving it on the road – a stranger or even a neighbour. It always helps asking the owner about her/his experience of driving and owning the car model you are considering.

In Conclusion

Moral of the story is – have a deep understanding of what you need and formulate a budget around it. Once you have this idea, consider every single option available in the market without any bias. Conduct a thorough online research and then go for a test drive. By the time you are test driving, you should be down to one or two options to compare cars. Visit to get car ratings, reviews, compare cars and finally get the best deals in the market from one of the largest networks of verified car dealers in  your city.

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