Before You Install a CNG Kit in Your Car, There Are a Few Things You Should Know

With rising fuel prices, a cost-effective solution such as compressed natural gas (CNG) appears to be an excellent choice. If you want to use CNG, there are two scenarios in which you may do so. The first is when purchasing a new vehicle. This is the simplest choice because you’ll obtain a car with a CNG kit already installed. The second option is to retrofit an existing vehicle with a CNG conversion kit. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before putting a CNG system in your vehicle.

things to remember before installing cng kit in your car

  1. A CNG kit might not work with your current vehicle

Before purchasing a CNG kit, be sure that your vehicle is capable of using it. Not all automobiles, especially older models, are intended to take gasoline modification. You must visit the Regional Transport Office to have adjustments made to your Registration Card (RC). Your RC’s fuel type should be changed from petrol/diesel to compressed natural gas (CNG).

  1. Maintenance and installation price of a CNG kit is rather high

Depending on the brand and model of your automobile, a new and authentic kit would cost between Rs. 50 and 60 thousand. Keeping a CNG vehicle, on the other hand, might be more expensive than maintaining a petrol or diesel vehicle.

  1. Installing a CNG kit in your vehicle is environment friendly

Because CNG has a very high auto-ignition temperature, the chances of your automobile catching fire are quite low. This also makes CNG filling stations safer than conventional varieties, reducing the likelihood of incidents.

  1. CNG isn’t found at every gas station

You don’t have to believe the status of the nearest fuel station when you acquire a car that operates on gasoline or diesel. This is due to the fact that in cities, petrol stations are close to one another.

  1. Your car insurance policy premiums may go up

The cost of your car insurance is determined by a number of criteria, including the make and model of your vehicle, its ex-showroom price, the type of four-wheeler insurance policy you select, the fuel type of your vehicle, and so on. When you switch your car’s fuel type to CNG, you may expect a price increase of at least 10%.

  1. Your car insurance claim eligibility might be affected by a change in fuel type

Automobile insurance offers much-needed assistance in the event of a car accident. However, before accepting your claim, your insurer will review the policy and, as a result, the damaged vehicle.

  1. It will assist you in saving money in the long run

As previously stated, the price of gasoline and diesel is increasing by the day. When compared to them, driving a car that runs on CNG can help you save money at the end of the day.

  1. It may have a negative impact on your car’s performance

If you use a CNG-only variation, you may not notice a significant change in your vehicle’s performance. The major reason for this is the toll that changing gasoline types has on the car’s engine.

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