Want To Buy A New Car After Selling Your Old Car? Here Are The Tips To Increase Your Old Car Value

tips to increase your used car resale value

For used cars, there is no fixed pricing in the market. It’s your car and you have the last say on how much you want for it. No, we’re not suggesting that you demand a ridiculously high price that the buyer would undoubtedly refuse. However, depending on the state of your vehicle, you may certainly ask for a small sum. You may, for example, bargain by telling them about your driving style and how well you’ve kept your vehicle. This will almost certainly enhance the resale value of your car by 10% to 12%. And getting an appraisal certificate from a certified appraiser is the greatest method to receive the best price. Here are a few tips that will help you to increase your old car value. 

tips to increase your used car price

1. Set a starting price

You should be a real seller when selling your used automobile, just like the dealership person decided on a price that you insisted on. This suggestion is about being a genuine seller, not about increasing the resale value of your automobile. It’s also crucial to be a trustworthy seller. Are you unsure about the price you need to quote? You can look at some internet resources, and if you still need a thorough report with an estimated fee, consult a used car evaluator.

2. Clean and detail your car completely

The first impression is the most important. Do you want to sell your automobile online? Ensure that the car is in good working order at all times. Before you take photographs of it and share it online, make sure it’s clean. This will undoubtedly aid in increasing the resale value of your car since a client will be drawn to your car only if he sees nice photos.

3. Get your car serviced

When a buyer comes to view your car, what is the first thing they will look for? Let me tell you that every internet source recommends that they check the engine oil and air filter. No one, believe me, goes for a suspension check the first time. Before you present your car to a possible buyer, make sure it has basic servicing. Once the buyer is satisfied that your automobile has been maintained, you may guarantee them of the vehicle’s condition.

4. Keeping a proper service record is essential

Keep a journal of where you take your automobile for service, regardless of where you go. Keep track of your service hours. Believe me when I say that this is the most important aspect in increasing the resale value of your vehicle. If you have a good track record of service, you can surely get a better deal. 

5. Arranging spare wheel and tools properly

Make sure your car’s spare wheel is in good working order as well. This will also help you enhance your car’s resale value. Customers in the used vehicle market look for any and all areas where they may haggle. However, if you are adequately prepared, nothing will be able to prevent you from receiving the full worth of your vehicle. Check that your tool kit, first aid kit, spare tyre, and danger indicator are all in good working order.

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