Top Global Electric Car Makers This Year

This year’s top five electric car manufacturers include Tesla, Hyundai, and Nissan. While Tesla is far ahead of the pack, the list includes two Chinese EV manufacturers in the form of SAIC and BYD. The other two carmakers are Volkswagen and Hyundai.

While India is still catching up to the rest of the globe in terms of electric vehicles, battery-powered vehicles are growing in popularity throughout the world. Electric vehicle makers have sold more than 29 lakh EVs since January this year, out of a total of 4,256,000 plug-in automobiles shipped through September. All-electric vehicles currently account for roughly 69 percent of all vehicles sold.

Here’s a quick rundown of the world’s top five electric vehicle manufacturers, based on sales through October of this year.

1. Tesla

tesla car brand

Tesla, a California-based electric car company, is largely acknowledged as the world’s largest EV manufacturer. However, few people are aware of its huge lead over the other electric vehicle manufacturers. Tesla sold 627,371 electric vehicles in the first three quarters of this year, accounting for little more than 21% of the completely electric vehicle market. Tesla’s Model 3 is the most popular electric vehicle in history.

  1. SAIC Motor

SAIC Motor

This list is almost certain to include the major manufacturer in the world’s largest electric vehicle market. SAIC Motor, which is part of the SAIC-GM-Wuling automotive group and also owns the former British automaker MG Motor, is the world’s second-biggest electric vehicle manufacturer. Since January of this year, SAIC Motor has sold 411,164 electric vehicles. SAIC Motor has a 14% market share in the all-electric vehicle class. SAIC sold 119,255 copies of the Wuling HongGuang Mini electric vehicle last year. Despite the advent of Tesla in China, SAIC’s Wuling HongGuang Minis are still the most popular electric car among Chinese purchasers.

  1. Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Car Brand

The German automaker has made no secret of its desire to catch up to Tesla before the latter conquer European markets as well. The Volkswagen Group, which includes brands such as Skoda, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Porsche in addition to the Volkswagen brand, is the world’s third-largest EV manufacturer. This year, the Group sold 292,769 electric vehicles, a fraction of what Tesla sold globally over the same time period. Nonetheless, the Volkswagen Group has a 10% market share in the electric vehicle arena.

  1. BYD

BYD Auto

BYD, China’s second-largest electric vehicle producer, is the world’s fourth-largest electric vehicle manufacturer, with 185,796 units sold so far this year and a market share of over 6.5 percent. Apart from electric automobiles, the firm also makes battery-powered buses, lorries, and other vehicles. It has a number of electric vehicles in its fleet, including the e6 three-row electric MPV, which was just released in India.

  1. Hyundai

Hyundai Car Brand

In terms of sales, Hyundai Motor is the world’s fifth-largest electric vehicle manufacturer this year. Hyundai has expanded its electric vehicle strategy, which began with the Kona SUV, to include the Ioniq family of vehicles, with the goal of gaining a larger market share in the near future. Hyundai has sold 139,889 battery-powered automobiles since January, accounting for over 5% of the market.

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