Toyota Discontinues 4 Popular Cars! Here’re Their Best Alternatives For Car Buyers

Know the 4 popular Toyota badged cars that got discontinued in India and also find their substitutes.


Toyota Corolla Altis Etios Liva Cross Discontinued

Toyota, the Japanese car manufacturer has stopped selling some of its small diesel vehicles in the Indian auto market. This is because from April 2020 onwards, BSVI emission standards will come into effect and for certain cars, Toyota doesn’t find investing a big sum to develop BSVI counterparts worth considering.

Well, this buzz brings a bit of disappointment to those Toyota lovers who already have shortlisted these ‘leave-taking’ Toyota cars for their purchase consideration. However, there are some great alternatives that the buyers can still zero in, but from different car brands.

So, without much ado let’s know which Toyota cars have been discontinued in India and what are their possible substitutes under the badges of other automobile brands.

1. Toyota Corolla Altis Toyota Corolla Altis

First among the 4 famous Toyota cars that will not run on the Indian streets anymore is Toyota Corolla Altis. It’s the BSVI effect that has taken the Altis away from its aficionados in India. Already the car has been struggling to compete with the newly arrived Honda Civic in the Indian car market. Rumours are that in 2021 the car may see its arrival in a hybrid avatar, but nothing is official as such.

Recommended Alternatives For Toyota Corolla Altis:

  • Honda Civic – The new-generation Civic has been one of the biggest reasons in the drop of Toyota Corolla Altis sales. As the Corolla Altis bids farewell, the Civic sedan can be a good option to consider. It comes packed with all the bells and whistles which one would expect in cars like Corolla Altis. Worth considering for purchase!
  • Hyundai Elantra – Offered with a 2.0L heart, sophisticated looks and of course, a punchy drive, the Elantra sedan is also a good option to consider. The bigger stance of this car can represent you in a similar way a Corolla Altis would on the country roads.
  • Skoda Octavia – With ‘no-nonsense’ exteriors, tough built, powerful 241.6 bhp engine and luxurious interiors, Skoda Octavia is yet another great choice for the Corolla Altis buyers.

2. Toyota Etios

Toyota Etios Discontinued

Another fabulous car axed from the Indian car market as a result of BSVI emission norms is Toyota Etios sedan. This car has seen a big success when it was launched in the Indian auto market in the previous decade. However, in recent years, a consistent increase in the competition limited it to the reach of fleet owners.

Recommended Alternatives For Toyota Etios:

  • Maruti Dzire – For those who wish to own a car that can assure low maintenance cost like the Etios sedan, runs decently on city rides and can also be taken to occasional highways, Maruti Dzire is a great alternative. A big advantage that Maruti Dzire has over Toyota Etios is appealing looks.
  • Honda Amaze – If you want to buy a compact sedan that brings along the Japanese automobile legacy, the way the Etios sedan does, then Honda Amaze is a good option to consider. Not only does the Amaze get exotic exteriors, but it also has very comfortable interiors and peppy engines.
  • Ford Aspire – This car has much to offer the buyers who have an inclination towards Toyota Etios. You will be surprised by its amazing fuel economy, convenience & safety features and, petrol and diesel powertrains that do not compromise on the performance part. Above all, the robust build quality borrowed from American-born Fords can rightly be felt when you thump the exteriors of Ford Aspire.

3. Toyota Etios Liva

Toyota Etios Liva Discontinued

Toyota Etios Liva is next in the list to join the farewell brigade. The reason for its exit is nothing different — the BSVI emission norms. As per the sources, the company has no intention to upgrade the Etios Liva to BSVI.

Recommended Alternatives For Toyota Etios Liva:  

  • Hyundai Elite i20 – Hyundai Elite i20, which is one of the best sellers in the segment, is a good alternative to Etios Liva. It offers you premium interiors, sporty looks, powerful engines, excellent features and comes packed with class-apart passenger safety. Furthermore, it doesn’t dent much on your wallet too.
  • Maruti Baleno – Baleno has been a thrill in its segment. Every month its fan base increases manifolds. Indeed, a good substitute that Etios Liva buyers can think over. The best you can get out of Baleno are killer looks, superior performance, high mileage numbers, low maintenance costs and a wide range of exciting features. Alike Baleno, Honda Jazz can also check all the boxes that Etios Liva customers desire for.
  • Maruti Swift – This car is a very big reason why Toyota Etios Liva was introduced in the Indian car market, with high expectations to snatch the sales share. However, things didn’t work out for Etios Liva, especially with the arrival of new avatars of Swift and its sibling, Baleno. Maruti Swift is a good option for those who were willing to buy Etios Liva. Curious about Swift Benefits? Well, it doesn’t ask much of your money, looks stunning (new-gen Swift), has very impressive performance and comes with high mileage figures.

4. Toyota Etios Cross

Toyota Etios Cross Discontinued

The Etios Cross is the fourth car in Toyota’s stable that sees the end of its era in the Indian car market. The crossover alike appearance of the Etios Cross hasn’t been a show-stealer like its elder siblings, the Innova Crysta and the Fortuner. Moreover, the axing of the entire Etios line-up due to BSVI norms calls for its farewell too.

Recommended Alternatives For Toyota Etios Cross:  

  • Hyundai Elite i20 – For the Etios Cross too, Hyundai Elite i20 comes as a good alternative. The car does do a great job in terms of performance and comes with luxurious interiors, sporty design, calibrating engines, advanced safety features and a lot more.
  • Toyota Glanza – If you’re not willing to compromise on the brand part and need a car that offers you sportiness at the cost that is par to Etios Cross’, you can go for Toyota Glanza. The Glanza hatchback comes with a peppy engine and offers enough room inside the cabins. The features too are admirable and so are its looks (borrowed from Baleno).
  • Ford EcoSport (Compact SUV) – By paying some extra money, the Etios Liva buyers can also narrow down their car search to Ford EcoSport, which returns a punchy performance and also has other pros such as advanced features, safe & tough build quality and spacious interior. If you’re not willing to pay more, you have another option to go with Renault Triber MPV, which will give you an added advantage of having more space and additional third-row seats.

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