Various Types of the Car Sunroofs in India

Know the different types of car sunroofs in India. Check the differences between a standard sunroof and a panoromic sunroof and also find other important details related to aftermarket installation and more.

types of sunroofs in india

Indian automobile buyers are crazy for cars that come with some of the most premium features and sunroof is one of them. Sunroof not only makes a car more premium but also enhances the driving experience. You can literally feel the breeze while sitting in the car, glance at the sky and even stand through the sunroof window to feel the sheer wanderlust.

Lately, the demand for cars with sunroof is touching the sky. Many car buyers on CarJasoos ask this question very often these days – “Is sunroof available in this car?”. And if not, then they would agree to switching to another car that has sunroof. Certainly, sunroof is one of the factors that impacts the demand of cars these days, hence many OEMs have started offering this feature in most of the new cars that are being launched. In addition to this, if you want to install a sunroof and don’t want to spend much, there are aftermarket sunroof installation options also available.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

A – What are the different types of sunroofs?

B – Difference between a standard sunroof and a panoramic sunroof.

C – Which cars are available with sunroof in India?

D – How to install an aftermarket sunroof?  

Let’s find out which are the different types of sunroofs available in the Indian car market

1. Pop-Up Sunroof

Pop-up sunroof

  • Pop-up sunroof is usually removable.
  • It is comparatively less costly.
  • It can easily be installed in any car.
  • The panels can be opened or closed manually.
  • It is officially listed in the Tata Nexon accessory list.

2. Spoiler Sunroof 

Spoiler Sunroof

  • Spoiler Sunroof is also known as Tilt and Slide sunroof.
  • It doesn’t provide a large opening in comparison to other sunroofs.
  • It is perfect for short roof sized cars.
  • Such a sunroof is tilted and then slided to open the roof for ventilation.

3. In-Built Sunroof

In-Built Sunroof

  • It has a classic panel slider, very popular these days.
  • It is fully automatic and expensive.
  • When opened, it slides in between the car’s roof.
  • It offers great open space but is apt only for large roof sized cars like SUVs.

4. Moonroof Sunroof

Moonroof Sunroof

  • A moonroof is a transparent glass sunroof, one can look through.
  • It lets the light enter while being closed.
  • It comprises an electric machine with a sunshade and a glass cover.

5. Panoramic Sunroof

Panoramic Sunroof

  • It is known as a multi-panel sunroof.
  • It covers a large part of the entire roof as it has many glass panels.
  • It comes in various luxury cars sold in the country.
  • It is best for both day and night views.

6. Solar Sunroof

Solar Sunroof

  • Solar sunroof has solar panels that power the interior ventilation fans.
  • It keeps the interior cool on hot days when the car is exposed to heavy sunlight.
  • The solar sunroof is made of glass with a photovoltaic solar panel.
  • Recently launched premium cars by brands like Audi and Hyundai feature solar sunroof.

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Difference between a standard sunroof and a panoramic sunroof

Standard Sunroof

Panoramic Sunroof

Standard sunroof comprises of different types; they can be operated manually or can be automated. Panoramic sunroof system is one of the types of sunroof with a full-length glass slider.
A normal sunroof has one single glass panel. A panoramic sunroof has multi-panels for front and rear seats.
Standard sunroof comprises of both less expensive and costlier choices. A panoramic sunroof is the costliest sunroof choice.
This kind of sunroof is available for small roof cars as well as a large roof cars. This sunroof covers a larger portion of the roof, hence is offered in large roof sized cars.
Not all cars have sunroof, hence standard sunroof can be installed at the aftermarket workshops. A panoramic sunroof is offered as a standard feature in luxury cars.


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Which popular cars are available with sunroof in India?

Below is the list of cars sold in India in 2021 with sunroof feature:

How to install an aftermarket sunroof?

Sometimes, we are restricted to a certain budget and can’t afford a car with sunroof. The limited budget does not allow us to buy the top-spec variants which come with sunroof and also, not all the low-spec variants get this feature.

But, the low-spec variants fit into your current requirements and also the budget. Hence, most of the car buyers buy a lower variant of the same car as per their budgets and get sunroof installed from the aftermarket vendors. But, installing a sunroof from the aftermarket vendors may risk the warranty of your car.

You may lose the car warranty on a newly purchased car if sunroof is installed from an aftermarket sunroof vendor. Hence, it is recommended to check with your authorized car dealer regarding aftermarket sunroof installation before you go for installation. 

However, the brighter side about installing a sunroof from an aftermarket vendor is that it brings a whole new experience and allows a direct flow of natural light inside the car. Also, it enhances the appearance of the car to the next level. The price of a branded sunroof in India starts at the price of Rs 10,000 and goes up to Rs 90,000 and more. Although, we do not recommend installation of sunroof from aftermarket vendors due to safety and warranty reasons, but still if you wish to go for it, it is better to install in those cars whose warranty tenure is over already.

CarJasoos’ take on installing an aftermarket sunroof

Here is what our expert says. Instead of buying a new car and taking the risk of installing the sunroof from an aftermarket vendor, it is always better to buy a top-spec variant of a car that comes with sunroof but costs lesser.

In any case, you will bear the aftermarket installation charges and there are chances that the overall sunroof cost may stand at par to upgrading to a ‘sunroof’ equipped variant while buying a new car. So, why take the risk? Either upgrade to a sunroof equipped variant while buying a new car or buy another car model that costs lesser but has sunroof equipped.

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