VW Developing a Production-Spec Version of its ID X Concept

This Is Why The Volkswagen ID.X Concept Is The Electric Alter-Ego Of The GTI

Volkswagen boss Ralf Brandstätter has confirmed that the concept revealed earlier this year would be badged as the ID 3 GTX and next year, its production will also start. The concept will form the basis for four-wheel-drive electric hot hatches based on the ID 3. The GTX family will include two new models in the performance category. However, the official declined to comment on the car’s performance, though it may be powered by the same engine as the larger ID 4 GTX.

Volkswagen has continued to produce enthusiast-oriented cars for drivers into the future of electric vehicles. The ID 3 convertible introduced in 2020 will also be built as a physical prototype, Brandstätter said. Furthermore, he predicted that “the R brand will emerge”, indicating that it will serve as a dedicated sub-brand for electric vehicles, similar to the way GTX replaced GTI.


VW ID X concept images revealed little, but the car stands out as a performance update on the ID 3 electric hatchback, with a distinctive grey-and-green paint scheme, large alloy wheels wrapped in low-profile tyres, and Anutara-covered sports seats.


Brandstätter revealed limited details about the concept, which promised a substantial performance boost overall ID 3 variants. A new version, the ID 4 GTX, boasts 334hp, a difference of 130hp over the strongest variants currently on sale, and even 27hp more than the hot GT version of the larger SUV. The production version has not been confirmed with these figures.

According to reports, the ID X concept can reach 100kmph from rest in 5.3 seconds and is equipped with a Drift mode – similar to the brand’s new Golf R hot hatch. As the current ID 3 models are rear-driven only, and the ID X concept included a version of the ID 4 GTX’s four-wheel-drive system, it is unknown whether the concept compromised seating or storage to accommodate the bulkier underpinnings. In comparison to the ID 3 standard, the concept is supposed to weigh 200kg less.

Volkswagen India:

In the coming weeks, Volkswagen will unveil its all-new midsized SUV, the Taigun. As for the replacement for the ageing Vento, the carmaker will also develop a brand-new midsize sedan. In terms of EVs, VW plans to introduce the ID 4 SUV as its first ID car model in 2022 in India.


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