Weird, Strangest Cars Auto Lovers Would Be Shocked To Know About

Strange Car Designs

Some designs of cars over the years would have made you wonder what the engineers were thinking when they built such weird-looking machines. There have been so many such cars in the course of the last century in the history of automobiles.

Weird looking cars

Check out the list of 10 strange-looking cars from the 1980s to 2022 that we have collected here.

Top 10 Weird Looking Cars in the World

  1. 2022 GMC Hummer HEV

Weird cars

Hummer’s electric vehicle came as the last resort for saving the name from itself. In the past years, the name Hummer has been associated with excess, fuel and otherwise, in the civilian minds. For those who had zero concerns about the limit of our world’s natural resources, this sure was a way to ride around showing off. Hummer used so much fuel that with the price hike in 2007, the flash for the car was overshadowed by the sky-high fuel price. GM didn’t and couldn’t really sell the Hummer brand, so, it came up with the Hummer EV that drinks up electricity like its previous models did the fossil fuels. It weighs 4.5 tons and looks a little rough but definitely extravagant.

  1. 2013 Youabian Puma

worst car in the world

A combination of features from the Volvo C70 convertible and a truck, Puma was designed by Dr Kambiz Youabian, with what idea, no one knows. He gave the Puma the 505-hp Chevy LS7 V-8 engine from the Corvette Z06. The car is really enormous with 20 feet in length, 7.5 feet in width and 3.5-ton curb weight. A plastic surgeon in the Beverly Hills, Dr Youabian did not find more than 3 buyers for his strange monster car and also had to settle for a much less asking price than what he had in mind.

  1. 2011 Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

worst car ever

The CrossCabriolet was built as a two-door convertible version of the Murano SUV. Rumours say that Carlos Ghosn wanted his wife to have one which was the reason for the design of CrossCabriolet. The company denies it though. The Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet was supposed to be a cool, exciting car for the beach and picnics. The trunk is small and the pastel colour palette did not do it any good.

  1. 2003 Smart Roadster

top 10 worst cars to buy

The Smart Roadster was a failure before it even had a chance. To say that the ForTwo did not do well in the US is an understatement. And this Roadster came with a removable roof and accelerated slowly on the road. The 0.7-litre 3-cylinder gets the Roadster to hit 60 kmph in 11 seconds. The other major problem was the leaking roof – the removable roof was so ill-fitting that the warranty costs were hitting the roof. So Smart had to take the Roadster off production in 2006.

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  1. 2003 Chevrolet SSR

best worst cars

When Chevrolet introduced the Super Sport Roadster, no one knew what to make of it. People wondered if it was a truck or a sporty convertible or a street rod. It became the first-ever pickup to be designed with a retractable hardtop. But the truck did not accelerate very well although it was powered by a 5.3-litre V-8 engine that could up to 300 hp. Chevrolet later adapted the SSR in 2005 with a 390 hp 6.0-litre V-8 engine and a 6-speed MT that did better and sprinted to 60 kmph in 5.5 seconds. However, sales did not pick up for this pickup. So they stopped production of the model in 2006 and it was 2 more years later when Chevrolet could sell all of the stock.

  1. 2002 Renault Avantime

weird cars

Trying to produce a sporty variant of its Espace minivan, Renault fell off the mark of creating a successful crossover with the Avantime. This two-door car had the elements of an MPV and no easy way of getting in and out. The French company tried to incorporate a lot of element that now in hindsight seems to be harbingers for the design of future vehicles. But at that time, even with the wide glass sunroof and a sporty looking design, the two-door, one-box design of the Avantime was weird enough that people didn’t really prefer the model.

  1. 1999 Isuzu VehiCross

cars not to buy

Isuzu introduced the concept of the VehiCross at the 1993 Tokyo auto show. It space ship design wasn’t out of place at the show, mostly because concept cars are usually futuristic and unusual. But Isuzu surprised everyone when it went forward with the production of the VehiCross without changes from its concept version and more when the car came to the showrooms 10 years after its unveiling. In the early 90s or late 90s, the VehiCross was still too “alien” for us mere earthly creatures. Based on the rugged Trooper mechanicals, the VehiCross was a truthfully functional SUV, if you can ignore the strangeness of the car’s look.

8. 1993 Subaru SVX

strange cars in the world

One of the quirky companies of the 90s was Subaru which was building cars that made more sense in Japan. They were producing models that were rivalling against the Supra, 300ZX, 3000GT and the Diamond-Stars and no one really understood them. SVX was one model that held potential as it was an AWD Sportster launched during the period when they were gaining popularity. The car had a 230-hp six-cylinder boxer engine with a four-speed automatic transmission. Unfortunately, Subaru had it designed with weird-looking creases and half-height opening side windows which kind of made the SVX popular not for its sportiness but for its odd design.

  1. 1992 Autozam AZ-1

90's cars

Kei cars in Japan are micro-sized cars manufactured to satisfy the government guidelines on size and displacement to be eligible for various benefits like tax, insurance and parking. One of the weirdest among them was the AZ-1 from Mazda’s Autozam division that was unveiled in 1989. While the AZ-1 looks very strange from the outside, it drives quicker and better than you’d expect with the turbocharged 0.66-litre engine that produces up to 63 hp and 63 pound-feet. However, by the time the production was done and the car was out for sales, Japan’s economy fell into recession and only 4300-something units were sold. It was discontinued in 1994.

  1. 1988 Buick Reatta

old cars to buy

General Motors built the Buick Reatta in 1988 on a shortened Riviera platform with a 3.8-litre V-6 engine that was encased in a weirdly rounded body. Although this upper-crust sports car wasn’t that sporty, it did have pretty good handling but not a great acceleration. It even had that old text-only screen for the infotainment system. It also came in a convertible version which was 2 years after the Reatta’s arrival. With the spectacular failure of Reatta, only a little more than a dozen cars got sold, and its production was stopped in 1991.

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