Which Variant of Hyundai Creta is Worth Buying and How Much of its Price Got Increased in April?

Planning to buying Hyundai Creta and confused which variant will be the best bid for you? Here we tell you the best variant of Creta along with the revised prices of this SUV.

Hyundai CRETA best variants and price increase

Ever since the Hyundai Creta made its debut in the Indian car market, it has never seen a hard time. Its popularity kept increasing amongst fans and its sales figures too never dipped, until its sibling Kia Seltos started leading the segment.

Hyundai Creta continues to have a huge fan following in the Indian car market and still it stands amongst the most reliable cars in India. But, the buyers of Creta, most of the times are in dilemma while choosing the right variant for themselves.

So, here in this post, we will walk through the best available trims of Hyundai Creta that you can consider on the basis of their engine type, transmission type, pricing, safety, comfort & convenience features, looks and interior.

But, before we commence with the detailed analysis of Hyundai Creta trims, let’s have a look at the available engine options of Hyundai Creta along with the offered transmission types for each of its trims.

Engine Transmission Displacement (cc) Max Power (Ps/Rpm)


Max Torque (Nm/Rpm) E EX S SX SX(O)
1.5L Petrol MPi Manual 1497 115/6300 144Nm/4500rpm 6-MT 6-MT 6-MT 6-MT NA
1.5L Petrol MPi (IVT) 1497 115/6300 144Nm/4500rpm NA NA NA 6-IVT 6-IVT
1.4 L Petrol turbo GDi (DCT) 1353 140/6000 242Nm/1500- 3200 rpm NA NA NA 7-DCT 7-DCT
1.5L Diesel CRDi Manual 1493 115/4000 250Nm/1500-2700rpm 6-MT 6-MT 6-MT 6-MT 6-MT
 1.5L Diesel CRDi Automatic 1493 115/4000 2750Nm/1500-2700rpm NA NA NA 6-AT 6-AT


From the above table, you can clearly gauge that while rest of the trims have certain limitations when it comes to gearbox choices, the SX variant is the only one that is available with all sorts of transmission types. The SX variant that comes with petrol MPi engine is available in MT and IVT gearbox choices, whereas the same variant that gets Turbo GDi petrol engine is offered with DCT gearbox. Likewise, the same SX variant, which is powered by a CRDi diesel engine is also offered in manual and automatic transmission choices. Certainly, the SX variant gives you flexibility of choosing the preferred engine and transmission type, which no other variant of this car offers.

Also, there is only 1 lakh rupees ex-showroom price difference in petrol MT and diesel MT SX variants of Hyundai Creta. This allows you to buy a diesel in-lined Creta with MT gearbox rather than considering the petrol in-lined, MT gearbox one. The 1 lakh rupee difference is not a big amount to buy a diesel Creta over its petrol counterpart. We have seen that in case of various entry-level hatchbacks, the price difference between equivalent diesel and petrol trims is more than a lakh. So, if you look at the diesel MT and petrol MT versions of Creta’s SX trim, you indeed will not lose a big amount while switching to a diesel in-lined one.

Hyundai Creta Engine, Transmission, Power, Torque and Mileage Details

Hyundai CRETA 2021 variants list

  • 1.5 L, 4-cylinder petrol engine of Hyundai Creta is offered in 6-speed manual and IVT gearboxes. This engine delivers maximum power of 115PS @ 6300rpm and maximum torque of 144Nm at 4500rpm. The Hyundai Creta mileage for the manual transmission is 16.8kmpl while for the IVT gearbox trims, the fuel efficiency is 16.9kmpl (ARAI mileage figures).
  • 1.4 L, 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine of Creta SUV is mated to a 7-speed DCT transmission. This engine delivers maximum power of 140PS @ 6000rpm and maximum torque of 242Nm at 1500-3200rpm. It returns mileage of 16.8kmpl (ARAI claimed).
  • 1.5 L, 4-cylinder diesel engine of Hyundai Creta is paired to a 6-speed manual transmission and there is also an automatic transmission option available for the buyers. The engine produces peak power of 115PS @ 4000 rpm and maximum torque of 250Nm at 1500-2700rpm. The fuel efficiency of its manual trims is 21.4kmpl while the fuel efficiency of its automatic trims is 18.3kmpl.

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Let’s know Hyundai Creta Ex-showroom, Delhi prices revised in April 2021

Before we move on to other important insights of Hyundai Creta variants, let us glance at the revised prices of this SUV. Car maker Hyundai has increased the price by Rs 13,600/- on Creta in all variants except the base E variant. The E petrol manual is still continued in old ex-showroom price but E-diesel manual is expensive by Rs 19600/-. Below are the updated prices of April 2021.

E EX S SX SX (O) SX (AT) SX (O) (AT)
PETROL 1.5 MPi MT Rs. 999990  

RS. 1096400


Rs. 1219400 Rs.


Petrol 1.5 Mpi IVT Rs. 1541400 Rs. 1662400
Petrol 1.4 Turbo GDi DCT Rs. 1663400  

Rs. 1767400

Diesel 1.5 CRDi Rs. 1051000 Rs. 1191400 Rs. 1319400 Rs. 1493400 Rs. 1621400 Rs. 1641400 Rs. 1762400


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Here’s the complete overview of all Hyundai Creta variants to see which one offers the best value.

Safety Features

Hyundai Creta Safety Features

Rear Disc Brakes Yes Yes
Airbags 2 2 2 2 6
ABS with EBD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Yes Yes
Vehicle Stability Management Control (VSM) Yes Yes
Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) Yes Yes
Rear Parking Sensors Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rear Camera with Steering Adaptive Parking Guidelines Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electro Chromic Mirror (ECM) Yes
Height Adjustable Front Seatbelts Yes
Child Seat Anchor Yes Yes
Front Fog Lamps Yes Yes Yes
Rear Defogger with Timer Yes Yes Yes
Puddle Lamps with Welcome Function Yes Yes
Automatic Headlamps Yes Yes


If we talk about ‘budget buying’ then base trim E is good for people who only want to experience the pleasure of driving a Creta SUV. But, if you are a person who really wants to enjoy driving with sheer safety and look for up-market features in your upcoming Creta, then the SX variant is highly recommended.

As you can see in the above table, the SX variant has almost all the safety features loaded as compared to rest of the variants. Features such as rear discs, auto headlamps, puddle lamp, rear parking camera do make the SX trim premium enough. If you neither wish to buy the entry-level E trim of Creta, nor you want to go for the top-end SX trim, the S trim seems to be fair enough in terms of safety.

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Comfort and Convenience Features

Smart Panoramic Sunroof Yes Yes
Electric Parking Brake with Auto Hold Yes Yes
17.78 cm Supervision Cluster with Digital Display Yes
Power Driver Seat – 8 way Yes
Auto Healthy Air Purifier Yes Yes
Paddle Shifters Yes Yes
Cruise Control Yes Yes Yes
Smart Key w/ push button Yes Yes Yes


The Creta SX variant has best-in-segment features like panoramic sunroof, electric brake, air purifier, paddle shifters, DRLs, chrome finish door handles, ambient lighting & many more. These features will make your car more premium. This variant offers the best value over all the other variants of this SUV. The E and EX entry-level trims will not delight you much as they miss some very important features such as cruise control, air purifier and paddle shifters. If top-end SX variant is not your preference, restrict to the S variant while buying a new Hyundai Creta as it does gets features such as cruise control and push button, which you won’t get in the base E and EX variants.


Hyundai Creta Exterior Features

Crescent Glow LED DRL       Yes Yes
Trio Beam LED Headlamps       Yes Yes
Chrome Finish Outside Door Handles       Yes Yes


To own the most gorgeous avatar of Hyundai Creta, you certainly need to consider the SX variant which comes loaded with impressive exterior features such as chrome finish door handles, trio beam LED headlamps, crescent glow LED DRLs, etc.


Soothing Blue Ambient Lighting       Yes Yes
Inside Door Handles (Metal Finish)     Yes Yes Yes
Rear Window Sunshade     Yes Yes Yes
Rear Parcel Tray     Yes Yes Yes


Now coming to another attribute that concludes the variant consideration for Hyundai Creta – the interior. For sure, the top-end SX trim is going to delight you with some highly sophisticated interior features such as rear parcel tray, rear window sunshade, metal finish on inside door handles and blue ambient lighting. You also can consider the S variant as it also comes with most of the premium interior features, however you will miss some of the high-end features like ambient lighting.

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We recommended you to consider either S, SX or SX (O) trim of Hyundai Creta as these are offered with premium bells and whistles. However, if your priority is more on owning the ‘Creta’ SUV and if you’re bound by the budget, either of the entry-level variants (E and EX) can be considered.

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