Which Variant of Hyundai Venue is Worth Buying?

Are you planning to buying a Hyundai Venue compact SUV? Read this post to understand which all variants of Hyundai Venue are best suited for you. 

Hyundai Venue Which Variant to BuyLaunched in India in May 2019, Hyundai Venue came as an affordable choice for those who wanted to own a car that looked like Hyundai Creta and had the finer impressions of an SUV. In the initial months of its launch, the Venue didn’t seem to be a blockbuster like its later launched sibling and rival Kia Sonet, but its popularity grew with time and the Venue earned a huge fan following in India.

What delights the buyers of Hyundai Venue is its availability in varied engine types and gearbox options. But the long list of variants of Hyundai Venue do confuse the buyers much.

For all those who do not have clarity on which variant of Hyundai Venue to buy, here we have discussed in detail which variant of this compact SUV suits whom. So, read on to find out the best Hyundai Venue variant for you.

Hyundai Venue Engine and Specifications

Hyundai Venue Engine and Specifications

Engine Transmission Displacement (cc) Max Power (Ps/rpm) Max Torque (Nm/rpm) E S S (+) SX SX(O)
Kappa 1.2L MPi Petrol Manual 1197 83/6000 114/4000 5-MT 5-MT 5-MT NA NA
Kappa 1.0L turbo GDi Petrol MT/iMT (Intelligent manual transmission) 998 120/6000 172/1500-4000 NA 6-iMT NA 6 MT/ iMT 6 MT/ iMT
Kappa 1.0L turbo GDi Petrol (DCT) 998 120/6000 172 /1500-4000 NA 7-DCT NA 7-DCT NA
U2 1.5L CRDi Diesel Manual 1493 100/4000 240/1500-2750 6-MT 6-MT NA 6-MT 6-MT


The Venue is offered in 3 engine types – 1.2L Kappa petrol, 1.0L Kappa turbo GDi petrol and 1.5L U2 CRDi diesel. The 1.2L Kappa petrol engine is available with 5-speed manual transmission, whereas the performance oriented, 1.0L Kappa turbo GDi petrol engine is offered with the maximum transmission choices, which are 6-speed manual, Intelligent manual transmission (iMT) and 7-speed DCT. The 1.5L U2 CRDi diesel engine is offered with 6-speed manual transmission.

Before we move further on pairing the best variant as per your need, let us first understand which engine type is for whom. The 1.2L Kappa petrol engine is the basic petrol powertrain which is comparatively less powerful than the other two 1.0L Kappa turbo GDi petrol and 1.5L U2 CRDi diesel engines. This 1.2L petrol engine is suitable for those who can compromise a bit on the performance part, want to pay less and do not want to consider diesel engine option.

The other 1.0L Kappa turbo engine is the most powerful one and comes with a wide variety of transmission choices, hence it is certainly the best engine offered in Hyundai Venue. This engine is made for those who look for punch in their drives and hate driving cars that do not feel powerful enough. This 1.0L engine also makes more sense for those who look for convenient city driving as it comes in Intelligent manual transmission and 7-speed DCT gearboxes that do no require efforts to operate the clutch, unlike the typical manual transmission. However, if you want to go for the standard manual transmission type, the 1.0L Kappa turbo in combination with 6-speed manual transmission is also available.

The 1.5L U2 CRDi diesel engine is ideal for those who drive more on longer routes, at least more than 50 kilometres on a daily basis. The engine capacity is higher and the power of 100 ps also doesn’t feel less. But, if you look for an automatic transmission car, you only should restrict to 1.0L Kappa turbo petrol engine. There is no automatic gearbox on offer with the diesel engine in Hyundai Venue.

To decide which Hyundai Venue variant is good for you let us first understand which Hyundai Venue variants are offered with which all engine options. The total variants offered in Hyundai Venue include:

  • E
  • S
  • S+
  • SX
  • SX (O)

The base E variant of Hyundai Venue is offered in 1.2L Kappa petrol and 1.5L U2 CRDi diesel engine options. This variant is ideal for those who want to buy either the base trim of less calibrating 1.2L petrol engine or want to go with a diesel engine. Those who look for a low budget petrol engine version of Venue with manual transmission or want to buy the diesel version of this compact SUV, that too with manual gearbox setup can consider the Hyundai Venue E trim.

For those with budget limitations, the Hyundai Venue S is a good option. This variant is available in all the three engine options of Venue and the best part is that this variant is offered in iMT and DCT gearbox choices with the 1.0L turbo petrol engine engine. This gives you better flexibility in terms of engine selection and transmission preference.

For the seekers of 1.2L Kappa petrol engine powered Venue, the S+ variant makes more sense. The transmission choice is however limited to only the manual one.

The Hyundai Venue SX variant is one of the best variants as it offers MT, iMT and DCT gearbox choices with the 1.0L turbo petrol engine. However, this variant’s diesel CRDi offering is limited to only the manual transmission setup. The Hyundai Venue SX in combination with iMT or DCT can be a really good choice for city drivers who want to drive clutch-free and also its available in the MT setup, which doesn’t disappoint due to a constant power supply to the wheels. For those who wish to buy the diesel engine powered Venue and opt the SX variant, only the manual transmission setup is offered.

The Hyundai Venue SX(O) is the top-end trim offered in 1.0L Kappa petrol and 1.5L U2 CRDi diesel engine choices. Its 1.0L Kappa petrol offering is a good choice to consider as it is available with both MT and iMT gearbox options, but you will not get the DCT gearbox choice in this variant.

On the basis of engine and transmission choices, we feel that the Venue S and Venue SX variants are the best variants to consider and that too with the Kappa 1.0L turbo GDI petrol engine.

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Hyundai Venue Price

E S S + SX SX (O) SX (DT-sport) SX (O) (DT- Sport)
Kappa 1.2L MPi Petrol MT     Rs. 6,92,100 MT

Rs. 7,67,800


MT     Rs. 8,54,700
Kappa 1.0L turbo GDi Petrol MT     Rs. 8,73,800 MT Rs. 9,99,990 MT Rs. 11,12,800
iMT Rs. 8,87,260 iMT Rs. 9,99,990 iMT Rs. 11,26,300 iMT Rs. 10,30,160 iMT Rs. 11,38,700
Petrol 1.4L Turbo GDi DCT DCT Rs. 9,77,800 DCT     Rs. 11,58,800 DCT     Rs. 11,76,200
Diesel 1.5L CRDi MT Rs. 8,37,600 Rs. 9,286,00 Rs. 9,99,999 Rs. 11,58,100 Rs. 10,40,500 Rs. 11,70,500


For those with budget limitations, the Venue E variant is the perfect match. If you are not looking for something in the top-end options, buying the S variant makes more sense. In the top-end trims, you can consider buying the SX trim.        

Safety Features

Hyundai Venue Safety Features

E S S + SX SX(O)
Airbags 2 2 2 2 6
ABS with EBD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) DCT Only DCT Only Yes
Vehicle Stability Management Control (VSM) DCT Only DCT Only Yes
Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) DCT Only DCT Only Yes
Rear Parking Sensors Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rear Camera with Steering Adaptive Parking Guidelines Yes Yes Yes
Projector Fog Lamps Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System DCT Only Yes
Smart Key Yes Yes
ISOFIX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Projector Fog Lamps Yes Yes Yes
Rear Defogger with Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Telematics Switches

(SOS, RSA & Blue Link)

DCT Only Yes
Automatic Headlamps Yes Yes Yes


In terms of safety, the S, SX and SX (O) variants can be considered. While the budget buyers may consider the S variant but buying this variant in combination with DCT gearbox setup will avail more safety features to the buyers. The top-end SX and SX(O) are a true delight in terms of safety. The SX(O) variant comes with the maximum number of six airbags.

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Comfort and Convenience Features

Hyundai Venue Comfort and Convenience Features

Smart Panoramic Sunroof Yes Yes
Push Button Start/Stop DCT Only Yes
Rear AC Vents Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Phone Charger DCT Only Yes
Auto Healthy Air Purifier DCT Only Yes
Paddle Shifters Yes Yes
Cruise Control Yes Yes
Smart Key w/ Push Button Yes Yes Yes
Sliding Front Armrest Yes
Rear Center Armrest with Cup Holder Yes
Front Map Lamps Yes Yes


The maximum number of comfort and convenience features are offered in the SX and SX(O) variants of Hyundai Venue. The rest three variants do not delight much in terms of comfort & convenience features.

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Infotainment & Connectivity Features

20.32 cm Touchscreen with Display Audio Yes MT/iMT
20.32 cm Touch AVNT

with HD Display

DCT Only Yes
Hyundai Blue Link DCT Only Yes
Apple CarPlay*** Yes Yes Yes
Android Auto*** Yes Yes Yes
Voice Recognition*** Yes Yes Yes
BT Connectivity Yes Yes Yes Yes
Arkamys Sound Mood Yes Yes Yes
Steering w/ Audio & BT Controls Yes Yes Yes Yes


The SX and SX(O) variants are the best if you look at the offered infotainment features, however, in the SX variants some of these features are limited to specific transmission options. The base variants will not excite you much if you are a techie or love a gadget-friendly car.

Exterior Features

Halogen Lamps Yes Yes
Projector Headlamps Yes Yes Yes
Cornering Lamps Yes Yes Yes
LED DRL & Positioning Lamp Yes Yes Yes
LED Tail Lamps with Crystal Effect Yes Yes Yes
Sporty Roof Rails Yes Yes Yes Yes
Turn Indicators on Outside Mirrors Yes Yes Yes
R16 Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels Yes Yes
Shark Fin Antenna Yes Yes Yes


The real beauty of Hyundai Venue is revealed when it comes with all the necessary exterior features, which happens only in the top-end SX and SX(O) trims. The S+ trim too gets some exciting features but it doesn’t carry the very appealing 16-inches diamond cut alloy wheels. The base two variants, E and S do not come with advanced exterior features.

Interior Features

Hyundai Venue Interior Features

D-cut Steering DCT only Yes
Black Single Tone Theme Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Leather Seats Sport Yes
Sporty Metal Pedals Sport Sport
Red Colour Accents on Knobs Sport Sport
Front Center Armrest – Leather Sport Yes
Door Armrest Sport Yes


Although, the basics that you see inside the Venue compact SUV are eye-catchy and abundant to offer you decent comforts, but the premium level of interiors with advanced features are available only in the SX and SX(O) trims of the Venue. If you buy the E, S or S+ trim of this car, you will have to compromise on most of the highly advanced interior features.


While in terms of engine and transmission choices, the S and SX trims are our best picks. But, if you look at the features offered, you can consider buying either the SX or the SX(O) trim. Overall, the SX variant of Hyundai Venue provides best value to the customers, offering the best choices of transmissions and a wide range of features.

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