Why Concept Cars Are Not Practical?

Concept cars are cool and futuristic. Some come with the craziest designs you can imagine. Most of them don’t ever go into production.

So what is the point of these concept cars?

Concept Cars

Here are some facts about concept cars that make them not practical for regular roads.

Concept Cars

Concept cars mark the milestones of technological advancements in the automotive industry. However, they often don’t make it into production due to many technical and safety reasons.

tesla cybertruck concept

The concept cars are meant to incite the interest and enthusiasm of the public with grand designs and extravagant technological feats. This means they are also outrageously priced compared to the usual cars.

Concept cars are unveiled at World Auto Shows and Expos and they are built with millions to push engineering up by several levels. These cars also serve as the basis for the normal cars that are built by converting their ideas into practical and runnable machines.

Each year the expos and shows see a good number of new concepts coming out. Companies shifting their trajectories towards sustainability have made the electric concept cars even more captivating.

Rolls royce concept car

Okay, now that we have a general overview of the concept cars, let us look at 5 reasons for why these are not exactly practical.

Just A Concept

The first and foremost reason will be what the name means – concept cars are just that, concepts. The companies put forward these concepts to gauge the public response. A positive one will point in the direction of converting the concept into one fit or mass production if it is possible in reality.

Impractical Price Tag

Even though these cars are concepts, they are engineered with a very hefty investment which translates to a bigger price tag. No model is going to be sold in the market on large scale with such a massive selling price.

Concept Cars Are Not Fully Functional

More often than not, it is not actually achievable. These cars are built with unconventional ideas from the designers. They are also usually not built to be fully functional. Any concept car that is kept on display is more or less bare under the hood and even if it is not it uses an engine from the company’s previously existing production car.

Absence of Safety Features

Reason number 3 for the concept cars not being practical is that these cars are not the least bit safe. As they are not built with the purpose of mass production, they are not designed with the safety regulations in mind.

Other Missing Essentials

Since the main purpose of these cars is to be fascinating rather than operational, they do not come with the comfort and convenience features one usually sees in the regular models. Since most of these models are not meant for production, the designers can give them whatever features they want and withhold others – New design languages, technology, AI, and much more that you cannot imagine running on normal roads but lacking basic legroom or a running motor.

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