Why Mahindra Had to Increase its Model Prices and How Much Have They Increased?

With Immediate Effect, Mahindra Raises its Prices

Most carmakers have announced a price hike this month. Similarly, Mahindra also decided to increase its models’ prices from July 6, 2021. The news brought a little disappointment for those who are planning to buy Mahindra car models including the Scorpio, the Marazzo, the Thar, the XUV500 and the XUV300. But the auto fanatics and the buyers will also have to understand from Mahindra’s point of view as to why the prices were increased, which we will cover in this article. Also, we will understand how much of the prices were increased on the mentioned models.

What led to the increase in prices of Mahindra models?

In response to the recent price increase in commodities, Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) is keeping a close eye on developments. Due to steel’s importance in vehicle manufacturing, the automaker is watching to see how the situation develops as the price of steel is surging rapidly. With overall inflation in components and related products, the auto giant is left with no option but to share the burden with the car buyers.

Prices Hike Details of the Scorpio, Marazzo, Thar, XUV500 and XUV300

The off-roader Thar gets the steepest hike of Rs. 32,000-92,000 depending on the variant.
• Mahindra Scorpio prices have been raised by Rs. 27,211-37,395, followed by Marazzo prices, which have been raised by Rs. 26,597-30,867.
• Mahindra Bolero’s price now at Rs. 22,452-22,508, and the XUV300 priced at Rs. 3,606-24,029, both have seen price increases.
The XUV500, KUV100 and Alturas G4 get a nominal hike of up to Rs. 3,068, Rs. 2,672 and Rs. 3,356 respectively.

Mahindra Thar

Prices for the Mahindra Thar have gone up by around Rs 32,000-Rs 92,000, depending on the variant. As a result, the price of any model with this price hike will have risen by about 2-7 per cent. The carmaker has received more than 50,000 bookings and waiting periods stretching up to several months for certain variants. Mahindra has tried to increase production, but supply constraints have restricted them to their current level.

Other Mahindra Models

The BoleroMarazzoScorpio and the XUV300 see a more reasonable hike in price, of around 2 per cent. Mahindra Bolero prices, for example, have increased by Rs 22,452-Rs 22,508, which is a 3-5% increase. As for Mahindra Marazzoand Scorpio, both models have been hiked by 2 per cent; the Marazzo’s price has gone up by Rs 26,597 to Rs 30,867, and the Scorpio’s price has gone up by Rs 27,211 to Rs 37,395. There has been a price increase of 1-2 per cent for the Mahindra XUV300, ranging from Rs 3,606 to Rs 24,029.

Mahindra Alturas G4, KUV100 and XUV500

The two Mahindra models that are less popular with consumers – the slow-selling Alturas G4 and KUV100 – along with the soon-to-be-discontinued XUV500 have borne the brunt of this price hike. Prices for the KUV100 and XUV500 have either increased or remained unchanged by respectively Rs 2,670-Rs 2,672 and Rs 3,062-Rs 3,068, respectively. The Alturas G4 only sees a hike of Rs 3,356, which is negligible for an SUV already costing upwards of Rs 28 lakh.

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